BMW 5 series


BMW is placing a bigger focus on tech in its all-new BMW 5-Series.

In addition to semi-autonomous features, the 2017 BMW 5-series comes with smart display systems and Amazon’s digital assistant Alexa. The 5-series hits dealerships this month.

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BMW made a few design changes to the overall appearance of the car. It’s 1.2 inches longer to increase legroom in the back, and the headlights now flow into the kidney grille.

The new BMW 5-series also offers increased trunk capacity at 18.7 cubic feet. The car comes in 13 different colors.

All of the seats in the new 5-Series have eight different massage programs, each with three different intensity modes.

When the middle seat is not in use, passengers can use a fold-down armrest with cupholders. The seat can also be completely folded down to create a pass-through to the trunk — perfect for carrying skis.

The car comes with the standard Comfort, Sport, and ECO driving modes. The Sport mode offers a more dynamic driving experience, while ECO is best when you’re looking for efficiency.

BMW’s Adaptive Drive system will adapt the driving style based on the route ahead, taking into account road conditions, curves ahead, and upcoming intersections.

The car comes with a forward facing camera, radar sensors, and ultrasound sensors to offer semi-autonomous functions like lane change assist.

It has dynamic cruise control for any speed between 19 mph and 130 mph. It also works in traffic heavy situations.

The BMW 5-Series also comes with Active Lane Departure Warning for speeds between 40 mph and 130 mph. It works with Active Lane Keeping Assist to ensure the car doesn’t drift.

Side Collision Avoidance will steer the car back into its original lane if it detects another vehicle in a blindspot. It will warn the driver is changing lanes is unsafe by making the steering wheel vibrate.

BMW is also introducing something called Evasion Aid in the new 5-Series. If a vehicle in front of the car brakes aggressively, the car will change lanes quickly to avoid a forward collision. Evasion Aid works at speeds up to 100 mph.

BMW has kept its key fob with a full-color touchscreen. It can be used to remotely park the car in tight spaces while the driver stands outside of it.

The car also comes with an improved heads-up display that will deliver basic information, such as speed, and that will alert you of potential hazards.

The vehicles comes with a 10.25-inch touchscreen display that can be used for navigation or entertainment.

The display also comes with gesture control …

… as well as an improved voice control.

The steering wheel offers basic functions like the ability to take a call or change the music volume. There’s also steering wheel heating for cold drives.

The 5-Series comes with six different ambient light color options, and a surround sound speaker system. If you opt for the premium version, passengers in the back can watch TV on two separate displays.

You can also elect to get adaptive LED lights.

You can also opt to have a minimalist wireless charging console in the front.

You can even hook BMW Connected up to Amazon’s Alexa to lock the car remotely or check its fuel level from your home.

The 5-Series comes with an optional Parking Assistant feature that detects open parking spots and parks the vehicle automatically. There’s also an optional ParkNow feature that lets you reserve and pay for a parking spot in advance.

There are two different trim levels hitting markets this month. The 530i comes with a turbocharged 4-cylinder engine that offers 248 horsepower. The 540i comes with a turbo 6-cylinder engine that cranks out 335 hp.